The Business of Brand Photography

Learn how to create a landing page, reach out to brands and grow your brand photography business.

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When I started Kylee Ann Photography nearly a decade ago, I was shooting everything from weddings to families to births. After years of hustling nights and weekends, I realized I was starting to miss my kid's soccer games and nights with my family. And something had to change.

I had TWO options. Cut back and just take great pictures of my kids for fun or transition to shooting brands and work during the day during school hours instead. It was then and there that I committed to being a brand photographer.

My business quickly went from nights and weekends, to 10-2 four days a week for a consistent, amazing paychecks monthly...even in the slow season.

After I niched into commercial photography:
- I filled up my calendar monthly with repeating clients instead of constantly having to market for new business
- I made 4 then 5 figures every month, even during slow season
- I stopped missing soccer games, and kept my work hours within my big kid's school schedules
- I made paychecks and was able to shoot products EVEN and ESPECIALLY during a global pandemic

I am passionate about teaching photographers how find their niche in Small Brand Photography and become profitable photographers without giving up their lives.


- have a successful and profitable business without giving up your nights and weekends

- get consistent (and amazing) paychecks year round even during slow season

- shoot for the same clients every month instead of constantly searching for more.

- have complete control of your schedule and how many hours you work each week


• Why Brand Photography?
• How to Create your Own Identity while Shooting for Brands
• How to Price Yourself with Brands
• Three Types of Brand Photography you need to know
• How to Organize, Style and Schedule a Big Shoot
• Working with Models
• Finding Brands to Reach Out to and What to Say
• How to Build an Awesome Portfolio from Scratch
• What you need on your Website
• How to Keep your Clients Organized in a CRM
• How to work with Brands Locally and From Out of State
• Affiliate Links to the Contracts I LOVE!
• Tips to Keep your Sanity when things get Busy
• Organic Marketing and More!

"wow wow WOW!!! Kylee Ann Maughan I just finished the first section of your brand photography course, and I'm floored. So thorough and informative. I'm fresh out of a workshop with another photographer about commercial photography, and I am sad I didn't get to this first. I could have saved a whole lot of money! 😂
I'm sure I have questions, but I am buzzing from how inspired and equipped I feel to start reaching out to brands, and booking more shoots!

THANK YOU!!! You're doing such an amazing service, and I'm so excited to dive in further in the morning! "

Course Curriculum

"Holy moly, Kylee! I'm not even half way done with the course and I'm blown away with how thorough and well thought out it is! I've taken another commercial photography course and was left with so many questions afterward and I felt that it was not worth what I invested.

But this - this is amazing! I'm pumped up and feeling confident that I'm going to come out of this course with all the tools and knowledge I'll need to get my brand photography growing! Thank you for all the hard work, knowledge, and actionable items you packed into this! 👏"


Learn all the ins and out of becoming a brand photographer from pitching to pricing. I will walk you through creating systems for booking, emails, and working with models. And how to stay true to your identity while ultimately shooting for other's identity.

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