Blogging 101 for Creatives

Ins and outs of creating content, sharing content, Pinterest and building your SEO aka…getting your business to the top of Google!

Blogging is crucial for growing your business, especially to strangers and people you don’t know. The more content you have, the more places you have that content, the better you’re going to be able to reach more people and grow and just explode.

I started my business in 2011. In 2013, I started blogging three to five times a week. I made a commitment that I would post three times a week. And I haven’t quit since seven years in.

I blogged three times a week even when I didn’t have shoots on the calendar. What happened next is six months later, I became the number one spot on Google. When you search on Google for Logan Utah Photographer or Logan Utah Wedding Photographer, you find Kylee Ann Studios.

Blogging is not a thing of the past. Blogging exploded my business. I went from a family and friends photographer to a full associate team.

Blogging is the #1 tool that’s taken me to the top…and in a very short amount of time. I will be teaching the ins and outs of creating content, sharing content and building your SEO aka…getting your business to the top of Google! Find out why blogging is SO crucial, and how to make it an easy part of your life.

I will teach you...

- How to turn your website into a booking machine

- Learn how you can blog three times per week in under 60 minutes, and why you're crazy not to.

- Use Pinterest and SEO to extend your reach and start booking strangers.

"How did I get this gorgeous little family for a shoot tonight you ask? Try being #1 in their google search just below the ads!!! ... Winning! Thanks KA for helping me get where I want to be with my business"

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Your Instructor

Kylee Ann
Kylee Ann

Kylee is the owner and coach of the Kylee Ann Team, full-time brand photographer and coach for women in business.

Kylee started Kylee Ann Studios over a decade ago, and has since grown from a one woman amateur show to a full associate team. After a year of teaching Intro to Photography at the local technical college, she discovered that helping other entrepreneurs create thriving businesses is what fires her up! She hosts semi-annual Kylee Ann Sleepovers all over the US, speak at conferences and teach online courses about running a small business and marketing.

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