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Simple, straightforward and effective action steps to market your business every single day for 90 days. Learn how to market online and network along the way!

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You're not alone. There are four types of photographers I hear from every single day:

1. Leslie is just winging it. She looks to the left and to the right to see what the rest of the industry is doing never knowing what's going to bring home the bacon. She's desperate for a plan, guidance and some validation. If she doesn't get a plan soon, she'll run out of ideas.

2. Jack has signed up for all the courses, invested in all the things, but still has no idea where to even start. He knows the what and the why, but never learned the how! He's totally committed to his business; he just needs someone to tell him what to do first, second, and third.

3. Sheila doesn't have time. She's too busy to watch the courses, listen to the podcasts or find the free webinars everyone is talking about. She's also too busy to figure out what to post, when to post, who to reach out to and how this business even works. She needs a simple plan that doesn't require the planning.

4. And then there's Todd. What does "marketing" even mean? He's just constantly puzzled and frustrated because he doesn't even realize how simple marketing can be.


ALL photographers can solve their marketing problems by using 90 Days of Marketing because it's simple, straightforward and effective. Photographers will be emailed one action step to market their business every single day for 90 days.

Prompts will focus on:

  • building online presence
  • blogging
  • client interaction
  • networking with new businesses and vendors
  • improving Pinterest strategy
  • getting to the top of Google search
  • starting an email list
  • and more.

If you're too busy, confused, under-booked or just unorganized, this is MADE FOR YOU! This is made for all the Leslies, Jacks, Sheila and Todds in this photography world.


"When I signed up I had just had my stillborn angel baby and literally nothing on the books for the rest of the year since I had planned a long maternity leave. I needed a way to keep myself busy and create to cope. Before i signed up I averaged about 200 visits to my website monthly and rarely got bookings through it. Now that the 90 days are up and I’ve finished up all your prompts I average nearly 700 hits to my site and had a completely booked September and October with only one opening in each December and November. People found me through google. People booked because they had a connection with me. I had been wanting to bring more “me” into my business, since that is the only thing that distinguishes me from any other photographer - but wasn’t sure how to get started. Thanks for showing us the stepping stones to take. I have the next two months of blog posts already planned and scheduled. Thanks for being so willing to share your knowledge. You’re the best! I’ll miss the daily emails, but I’m confident I’ll be able to carry on from here on out! Thank you again!" - Whitney

"I have bought hundreds of dollars worth of marketing courses and invested in a ton of education. This is the only thing that I've actually followed through with. I feel like I'm actually doing stuff and it's making me busy and happy. You're a genius Kylee. This is the best thing out there!" - Amber

"This is one of the greatest courses I have ever invested in. I actually watch the my phone for the email some mornings. Having a small chink to do every day is helping me form the habit of continuously working on my marketing while keeping it manageable as the pregnant mama of three littles. Thank you" - Kinsey

"Still haven't quite got my Pinterest all "business"-ed up but I've been trying to be more active. I started at 20 monthly viewers a week ago and already at 1.3k. Yay for 90 days of Marketing" - Shalae

"You guys! I never get clients from Instagram - which is fine. But a chick found me on there BECAUSE of my about me blog post, messaged me about pricing. I just got back from a consultation with her where we talked for AN HOUR and really connected. SHE BOOKED! She said she loved how personable I was and she could tell I have a love for my craft and clients. I'm so happy. This has been the best investment I have ever made for my business." *two weeks later*".....I just booked my second shoot in a week from people who I have no connection to. they both found me on some type of online platform!" - Whitney

"This is way more fun that I was expecting. The community in here is just AWESOME!"

"I've literally booked FOUR top-pricing clients this week. I'm blown away -- and the thing that stuck out for one of these clients? My personal blog post that had NOTHING to do with photography but everything to do with vegetarian food in Disney World. Why did they choose me as their photographer? Because they could tell I had a passion for Disney, found my blog post helpful, could tell I know my way around the resort (where their photos will be taken), all while also being an excellent photographer. Lesson Learned: your personal blog posts needn't be about what you do. Just be YOU. You'll attract the best clients for you, because they'll love YOU." -Lauren


  • Getting Started Checklist: The Essentials for Marketing Your Business Online
  • 90 Marketing Prompts Sent Daily via Email
  • An Exclusive Accountability Group on Facebook! A great place to hold yourself accountable, share ideas and see how other people are taking each challenge.

Simply check your email, follow the prompt and watch your business grow. Added bonus: learn new tricks and establish incredible habits along the way. Already know what you're doing? I get it. But creating a marketing plan takes sooo much time. Trust me I just created my 90 day plan ;)


You are worth it. Your business is worth it. Your time is worth it. Check out above and start simplifying your marketing right away.


I literally just started my business last month. Will this work for me?

Absolutely. You may need to hustle a bit harder than the majority, but this is completely possible…and will definitely jump start your business if you stick to the plan. If you run out of content to use, go out and make content. If you don’t have clients to blog, plan personal shoots. You can make this successful no matter what. I believe in you.

I have been in business for 15 years but I’ve lost my groove. How will this help?

First of all, marketing as changed a lot in 15 years. What used to work doesn’t work anymore. This would be a great way to learn new marketing tricks, create better habits and repurpose the hundreds of sessions you have waiting to be on the internet.

I know this is a great price, but I just spent all my money on Christmas. Will you be launching 90 days of marketing again?

First of all, yes this price is INSANE. Like crazy good. I’m basically your marketing mentor for three months. Second, you need to go sell something. RIGHT NOW. Or host a mini session night. Go out and shoot some landscapes and sell them to your neighbors. Stop eating out for two weeks. Yes I will open 90 days of marketing in Fall 2019, but your business could be tripled in size by then. You do not want to wait!! You will regret holding back your business.

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Kylee Ann
Kylee Ann

Kylee started Kylee Ann Photography 8 years ago, and has since grown from a one woman amateur show to a full associate team. After a year of teaching Intro to Photography at the local technical college, she discovered that helping other entrepreneurs create thriving businesses is what fires her up! She hosts semi-annual Kylee Ann Sleepovers all over the US, speak at conferences and teach online courses about running a small business and marketing.

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