My Story

The Left Brain Photographer course is a fool-proof plan to take your business to the next level. I started her business when she was 18 years old - a young, broke college student with a starter DSLR and a dream. In three years I grew her home-based photography business into a six figure income stream all while finishing college and starting a family of her own. And you can too!

Kylee Ann Studios began with a love story. My love story. It was our first Valentine's day as an engaged couple. We were broke and saving for a wedding just a month away. I had recently shared my dreams with him of one day owning a photography business. When I went into his room that day, his xbox was gone and instead there was a box wrapped up in it's place. Inside the box was my first camera and the beginning of Kylee Ann Photography. All it took was a dream and a boy that loved his girl more than his xbox. The gift of love, right?

I started business in 2013 just like everyone else: B-A-D, BAD!I was a $35 family and friends photographer with NO aspirations to become bigger or better. The truth is, I thought I was good…and I thought I was making money. After all, 88 people liked my page ??

For two years I was a photographer on the side. I considered myself a “family and friends” photographer taking pictures of people I knew, and their friends too. Dogs, newborns, events, weddings. You name it, I was there. I didn’t stick to my prices always, or a schedule. I was taking anything and everything.

At the end of 2012, I had my first baby. I quit my day job to stay home with him and finished my Bachelor’s degree online. My perspective changed DRASTICALLY. I realized in that moment that being a mom was the MOST important job. If I wanted to continue to do photography, I needed to commit to it. Commit to it as a business. Commit to my prices. Commit to a schedule. If I was going to spend so many hours away from my sweet new baby, it needed to be worth it emotionally and financially.

In 2013 I specialized in what brought me joy, and what I was best at. Weddings and families. I stopped taking jobs that didn’t bring me satisfaction, and stuck to my prices. I committed to investing education and growing my business. I committed to blogging. Business boomed, and my life has never been the same. By 2014, I was working full-time.

Meanwhile, I began growing my family as well. With two babies, a full time business and so many emails, our demand outgrew the supply and KAP expanded to two full time photographers. I actually. hired Rachel in 2015 as my personal slave. She did basically everything except anything that was photography related. She packed my house, watched my kids, changed butts, did mail runs. She saw the ins and outs of my business and earned my trust. In 2015 Rachel was promoted from assistant to full-time wedding photographer. In 2016, she shot 50 weddings.

In 2016, we hired two assistant editors, Katie and Katie, and a bride specialist, Bryn, serving our brides with weekly bride tips and inspiration.

By the end of 2016, I experienced my second ”shift.” Business was booming. I wasn’t burnout on the business or photography but I was burnout on life. In August of 2016 I ended up in the ER with memory loss caused by a stress induced migraine. By fall Ias diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. It was so bad I was losing my mind. I started messing up my schedule, forgetting appointments and one time I showed up 1 hour late to a session. The mom was nearly in tears.

The same week I was diagnosed with Adrenal fatigue and other hormone imbalances I attended a conference in Arizona. The opening keynote was on thinking like a CEO instead of a small business owner. These were things I knew but I wasn’t doing completely. I came home with a renewed promise to become the CEO that I was and chose “intentional” for my word of the year.

2017 was the best year for my business and my family. Not only did we continue to grow our clientele and our team, but I worked the least amount of all time, took my kids and husband on vacations all over the country, had days off, weekends off, weeks off and felt whole. I invested in myself. And all of this happened while being pregnant, which isn’t always easy. It was the SHIFT my business needed before my health stole my life.

In 2017, we added our wedding and family photographer, Hiliary. And in 2018, we’re bringing on Maci as our senior photographer.

Now it’s 2018. I’m a mom of three children, including a brand new baby who is almost 8 weeks old, a spunky, adventurous three year old and an extremely talkative, sweet five year old.

I’m running a business with these FIVE amazing girl bosses, running the Our Photog Blog Community of photographers with 2500 photographers all over, teaching workshops, speaking and still growing my business.

And you’re probably wondering HOW!!! How can I be working less, making more and staying sane.

Thats what this class is all about…How I’ve grown from a $35 family and friends photographer into a six-figure, multi-photographer business.